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About is a Flight and Hotel search engine that crawls through the World Wide Web to find the lowest price for you.

At, you are not only able to find the world cheapest fares, but you also reach almost any destination in the world. This unique feature is offered by our magic combination engine which combines flights from independent airlines to fit your trip. also offers a unique features: "Low fare graph" which allow you to see the fare trend for the next six months. This will be especially helpful if you’re flexible in dates.

Combine cheap flights makes all destinations reachable by magically combining single tickets provided by different agencies. You can go almost anywhere in this world just by click the search button on

Yet combination engine also runs in all destinations (popular and not) to combine tickets provided by cheap-airline to guarantee the best price for your destinations.


Norway Office  

Strandgata 117

4307 Sandnes



Phone: + 47 51625014


Vietnam Office  

162/1 Phan Dang Luu, District Phu Nhuan,

Ho Chi Minh City


Phone: +84 2866836726